About us

Our greatest advantage is our location. We are positioned on the shore of Danube, second longest European river. Our house rests under the shade of ancient trees, and under it flows the river, which, with the constant light breeze, provides clean and fresh air and the touch of unspoiled nature. And all that within the grasp of the center of Belgrade city.

Such surrounding is not lacking dynamics. In the vicinity of the boatel is large park, called “The friendship park”. In the 50 years of history, many great world statesmen, planted a tree there, as a sign of friendship with our country and people.

Ten minute stroll will lead our guests to the “Casino Belgrade”, the largest casino on the Balkan peninsula. Within the same amount of time one can reach shopping mall “Ušće”, and find many stores, shops and cafes, as well as the bawling alley, pool billiard, videogames, and movies in the well equipped 3D cinemas.

All surrounding locations are connected with the other parts of Belgrade city via good public traffic and taxi services. Our guests can reach the city center within 20 minutes.